How To Install Additional Arduino Libraries In Arduino IDE

How To Install Additional Arduino Libraries In Arduino IDE

How To Install Additional Arduino Libraries In Arduino IDE

What Are Additional Arduino Libraries?

Arduino Libraries are the collection of pre-compiled code that allows you connect with the external hardware’s like Wi-Fi module, LCD display, sensors or may be some mathematical filters or some kind of algorithms. Like for designing a Kalman Filter you need to go to the mathematics behind the filter and convert it into a program that gives the filtered output. But here the library makes our task easier and directly gives the filtered Kalman angle and makes easy to talk with Gyros. You can easily download the additional libraries you need from the internet. But then you need to install them.

How To Install Arduino Library Using Library Manager

The Arduino software provide you a very easier way to install libraries directly using the library manager (available from IDE version 1.6.2). Almost for every breakout board and module built in libraries are available which makes the communication easier with the hardware.
Open Arduino IDE->Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries.

Arduino Library Manager

Arduino Library Manager

Then you’ll see the library manager where you can find the desired library you want. You can also filter your search or sort according to type and topic.
Here I’m installing a humidity and temperature sensor’s library AM2315 by Adafruit. You can select the version of library you want to install and you can finally click on install to install the library.
Library Manager

After the library has been downloaded you can use the library from Arduino IDE->File->Examples.

How To Import Libraries In Arduino IDE

Another method to install the additional libraries is that without extracting the zip folder you can directly import the Arduino library.
Download the Zipped library and save it anywhere in your computer. You’re not required to unzip the library. As Arduino IDE provide you an option to directly import the Zip library.

Importing Arduino Library

The find the location of the zipped library that you’ve downloaded and then click open. Now you can use the library and the sketch can be found at Arduino IDE->Files->Sketchbook->libraries with the name of the library.

Each time you change or add a library, you must completely shut down and restart the Arduino IDE.

No Directory Or Library Found Error In Arduino IDE

No File Or Directory Error

Error Name: “fatal error: Library Name: No such file or directory compilation terminated. Error compiling.”

When the Arduino IDE compiler doesn’t find the library it shows the following error. Then properly installing library will bring you out from this problem. So, follow the above steps to download the library.